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After 10 years at Accenture Olivier Guillaumond co-founded and managed Smile in the Benelux region which is now the Europe leading Open Source integrator with over 1000 people and 100 Million turnover. Olivier has then joined ING Group first as Global Head of Regulatory Change overseeing the global implementation of EMIR, MAD or MIFID. Since March 2018 Olivier has joined the Innovation Office as Global Head of FinTechs overseeing the scouting, selection and partnering between all FinTechs and all ING units. Olivier holds multiple degrees including a PhD in Astrophysics and an MBA in Finance.

Event Sessions Featuring Olivier Guillaumond


What is the future of 'flanker brands'? Are they a short-term fix?

AltFi Amsterdam Summit 2018 - Monday 5 November 2018

Flanker brands are a side business, run by a bigger companies, often banks. Olivier said ING's flanker company Yolt has gained 500,000 users in a year. 

The purpose of flanker brands is not to encourage cross-selling but to learn and access more data to continue growing. 

Francesco said there is an opportunity for TrueLayer to expand abroad but he is focusing on "riding the Open Banking wave" for now.