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Peter Cox

Chairman and CEO

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Peter is the Chairman and CEO of Contis Group Limited, he has held this position since the formation of the Company in 2008.  Peter has many years’ experience within the loyalty, card services, financial services, investment and M&A sectors.   Peter has extensive experience relating to gaining capital and funding.  In addition to his position within Contis, Peter is also the Executive Chairman of Contis Financial Services Ltd (formerly GTP Financial Services Ltd) and The Gift and Loyalty Company, all of which are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Contis Group.    Peter is also involved in a number of other companies throughout Europe.  He is the Owner and Director of Active Media Latvia, which services banks throughout Russian, German and English speaking countries.  Peter is also the Owner of Payden Consulting Ltd, an organisation which provides international consultancy services to both public and private companies and he sits as a Non-Executive Director on the Board of Digital Locksmith Ltd a leading edge developer of smart card technology.  Peter was Chairman and Trustee of the Working Change charity which focuses on the rehabilitation of female offenders until 2014.  The charity guides and assists prisoners to find work placements and employment opportunities once they have completed their sentence.  As a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing he has assisted many growing organisations to construct strategy and business plans to deliver success. His involvement in the creation and launch of Tesco club card has given him a great insight into consumer marketing and rewards; this was further developed through his involvement in Nectar, WH Smith, Air Baltic and many other highly successful loyalty projects. As a self-made man he has a passion about delivering social change through helping people to gain control of their finances and attitude to life, his work in empowering Credit Unions in the UK has seen the delivery of an industry changing solution where credit unions can take on the Banks and payday lenders using Contis FCA licenses, technology and marketing capabilities, plus budgeting tools to deliver social change, with now some 120 credit unions using the Engage branded product that allows them to act big, deliver a compelling proposition and capture the market. Contis works with other alternative banking solutions where its platform allows these brands to deliver social change using its technology. 

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