Philip Belamant


Founder and CEO

Philip Belamant, founder and CEO of Zilch, began his career as an IT Engineer completing both BscIT and BscIT Honors degrees from RAU University in South Africa, before quickly realising he was an entrepreneur at heart. 

Before starting Zilch, he founded, developed, and sold a variety of other fintech ventures as well as launching value-added and mobile payment services in 15 different countries across India, Africa, and Europe, reaching more than 20 million users and partnering with Airtel, MTN, Orange, TNM, and Vodafone. He conceived and launched South Africa’s first Cash-To-Mastercard system for Uber and went on to found a Top 40 Fintech company in Africa, which attracted over eight million users within six months. 

Now with over 16 years of experience in the payments and technology industries, he has funneled all his knowledge into Zilch, which launched in 2018 with the mission to revolutionise the credit payment industry and provide innovative products that provide financial inclusion for everyone.

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