Ralph Pieper

Kapilendo AG


Ralph Pieper is CFO at Kapilendo AG, market leader in Germany for mid-market P2B SME lending, with more than EUR 65M loans financed and over 35.000 registered users. The company was recently awarded 1st place in the category of SME finance by €uro am Sonntag and was named Top Innovator 2019 by TOP 100. The company is currently extending its offering with the ambition of becoming Europe’s leading digital SME banking platform. Ralph also sits on the board of the Verband deutscher Kreditplattformen, which represents the major German lending platforms. Prior to joining Kapilendo, he was as a management consultant for KPMG AG, advising major banks and insurance companies on issues relating to process optimisation and digitisation. Ralph studied Economics at Rhodes University in South Africa.

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Alternative Lending In Germany: Will The Tortoise Win The Race?

AltFi Berlin Summit 2019 - Monday 18 November 2019

The German market for alternative lending has been slower to grow over the past five years compared with the UK, France and other European countries. More lending platforms, however, are entering the market and a growing number of investors are becoming interested in German loans.

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