Ricky Knox

co-founder and CEO

A serial investor and entrepreneur, Ricky founded disruptive remittance services Azimo and Small World Financial Services before taking up the challenge of changing banking for the better. He is Managing Partner at the private equity investment firm, Hexagon Partners, and previously worked at MMC Ventures.  App-operated bank Tandem was founded in 2013 after Ricky and his co-founder Matt Cooper noticed a gap in the market for a disruptive bank that helped customers solve real problems and manage their money smarter, rather than being a source of stress and financial difficulty. After years of collaboration with 11,000 ‘co-founders’ and the recent acquisition of 125 year old Harrods Bank, Tandem is well on its way to solving real problems faced by real consumers.  Ricky is a first class graduate of Bristol University and holds an MBA from INSEAD.

Event Sessions Featuring Ricky Knox


How does a good bank make money?

London Summit 2018 - Monday 26 March 2018

Ricky Knox provides a rundown of the different approaches banks take towards making money, whilst still being a "good bank".

  • Right now, most banks make their money through making loans, whether that's via credit cards, mortgages or business loans. However, Knox says it's worth noting that the next generation banks have instead chosen to centre themselves around offering a marketplace. This is both to make money off selling products via commission, and to serve its users by giving them the products and services they want with little to no up-front costs. Tandem chooses to offer its own product and those provided by third-parties, to give their users the best choice possible.
  • Knox says that for Tandem, the marketplace model is primarily about "generating customer lifetime value", over monetisation. Where its digital banking competitors have signed up multiple partners and integrations to build up their marketplace offerings, Tandem hopes to provide its users with a lifetime benefit through developing the right relationships and creating the right product view.
  • He predicts that digital banks are going to present a "real and credible challenge" to incumbent banks once they reach profitability, which in his mind is also a certain outcome. Knox stated that although Tandem hasn't become profitable yet, "we're not that far off either".

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