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Rivo Uibo

Co-founder and Chief Business Officer


Rivo Uibo is the Co-founder and Chief Business Officer of Tuum. With a background in providing strategic advice to banking and financial services companies, he has a clear view of where the financial services market is headed and is passionate about transforming the industry. Rivo has architected several innovative solutions and strategies to help IT and financial services companies overcome complex challenges. These include designing an award-winning business case for SME lending in an API economy for OP Financial Services; providing Volkswagen Financial Services with a blockchain-based concept framework to share relevant information with all stakeholders (from the state to car dealerships); delivering a completely new mortgage lending value proposition for a major international banking group from UK, enabling flexible multi-line & -schedule contracts with over- and underpayment capabilities within one overall credit limit.  His academic background is compelling: he is a graduate in both computer science and international diplomacy and has recently also added an executive MBA from Geneva University to his academic box of tricks. This unique skill-set and hands-on experiences in the areas of technology, business and diplomacy enable Rivo to perform highly effectively in the organisations where high-growth and complex B2B environments are the keywords. Rivo likes to challenge himself both inside and outside the office, therefore, in his spare time, he enjoys extreme sports including skiing and windsurfing.

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