Robert Stafler

Fintex Capital

Founder and CEO

Fintex was created to transform the way institutional investors access alternative credit in the 21st century. As a specialised asset manager, Fintex Capital is active across multiple asset classes within alternative credit, including UK real estate loans, US consumer loans and German consumer loans. Having started only 2 years ago, Fintex Capital already manages assets of more than $120 million, for a variety of institutional investors, including banks, insurance companies and asset managers. Fintex Capital successfully launched in 2016, when it issued an innovative Bond to the capital markets, backed by a portfolio of marketplace loans. Since then, Fintex Capital has grown significantly to become the specialised asset manager it is today. Robert is a veteran investor within alternative credit, whose activity in the marketplace lending sector started in 2007. At that time, he invested in auxmoney, becoming one of its first investors, actively contributing to its development. Today, auxmoney is continental Europe’s largest online lender. Prior to this, Robert worked at JPMorgan in Investment Banking for close to a decade with a focus on Debt and Equity Capital Markets. In 2007, he also co-founded Excellion Capital, a successful London-based merchant banking boutique combining advisory with principal investments.

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Bringing in the big bucks

The Alternative Property Forum - Tuesday 19 June 2018

  • Fintex today manages $130m across German consumer loans, US consumer loans and UK property loans. It only manages institutional funds, and in property lending it always lends its own money alongside its investors’, on a subordinated basis.

  • The firm uses Luxembourg securitisation vehicles because Luxembourg regulation is favourable to investors.

  • Robert is very much of the opinion that UK property is a multi-faceted asset class – a ‘massive market’ that could be sliced and diced in many different ways.

  • Fintex’s ‘trick’ to earning premium returns without taking undue risk is essentially to provide an extra layer of oversight over a partner lender’s due diligence processes, through the use of technology, to ensure that all the right questions have been asked of a borrower. At the end of the underwriting process, Robert thinks Fintex can identify exactly why a borrower would have been rejected by a bank, and can then determine whether that borrower remains bankable.


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