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Ronald Kleverlaan is a thought leader on Community and Alternative Finance in Europe. He is Director of the European Centre for Alternative Finance, an academic research centre of Utrecht University with a multi-disciplinary approach (finance, entrepreneurship, law, sociology) to research the potential of Alternative Finance in collaboration with the industry and providing policy recommendations to national and European regulators and policy makers. He is founder and senior partner at CrowdfundingHub, a consultancy firm on Alternative Finance. His speciality is community finance, such as crowdfunding, Social Impact Bonds and community shares. Ronald is also a senior advisor for the European Commission on Alternative Finance, co-founder of the European Crowdfunding Network and member of the advisory board of several industry associations in Europe, China, Africa and the USA and member of the Alternative Finance Industry Leadership Board of Cambridge University.

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Unifying regulation across Europe

AltFi Global Summit 2017 - Tuesday 7 November 2017

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