Sam Handfield-Jones

Octopus Choice

Head of Octopus Choice

Sam Handfield-Jones is head of Octopus Choice, the property-backed peer-to-peer lending offering distributed by Octopus Investments. Launched in 2016, Octopus Choice has become one of the fastest-growing peer-to-peer offerings ever, with £100 million invested in its first 18 months. It’s also one of the only P2P platforms with a focus on the financial adviser market – and now enjoys the backing of over 600 advisers from across the UK. Sam is also a Director of Octopus Labs, the fintech innovation unit of the Octopus Group. In this capacity he oversees the development of other easy-to-use services that help people to manage their money. Combining established financial expertise with cutting-edge technology, the team builds smart, simple and disruptive fintech solutions for the mass market.  

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