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Sylvia Carrasco

Founder and CEO


As a woman in FinTech, which is a rarity, Sylvia is keen on challenging the status quo. She's the founder and CEO of Goldex, the first gold marketplace that uses smart order routers to always find the best prices from a variety of gold providers. This model brings ethical price discovery to both retail and institutional gold investors. With over 18 years of experience in investment banking and brokerage, Sylvia was part of the original team at Credit Suisse that developed the first electronic trading and algorithmic systems in the equity markets. After leaving Credit Suisse, she took charge of MF Global’s institutional electronic trading team where she further developed new algorithmic tools, set up trading connections to new liquidity venues and advised on the implementation of Best Execution policies as required by MiFID I. Always thinking out of the box and due to the changes brought by MiFID I, in 2009 she successfully founded the first FCA regulated firm in the UK to advise the largest institutional investment houses in both electronic trading services and Best Execution policies across multi-asset classes. In her spare time, Sylvia is likely to be seen either fishing or playing with her two dogs.

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