Tahir Farooqui

CEO and Founder

Tahir Farooqui is the Founder & CEO of Canopy, a financial wellbeing platform for Renters. Renters are one of the fastest-growing demographics worldwide. Renters have been largely underserved by both the Lettings Industry as well as the financial services sector. For example, rent is typically the largest financial expenditure for anyone renting. Until 2018, rent was not factored in credit scores making access to affordable financial products restrictive. Tahir founded Canopy to build a platform that helps renters live their best financial lives, improve their credit scores, and provide access to affordable financial products – ultimately accelerating the path to homeownership. Canopy is backed by Experian, Direct Line Group, West Hill Capital, and Pollen Street Capital.

Articles Featuring Tahir Farooqui

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