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Joining Viventor founding team in the early days of the marketplace, when still at an idea-only level, Toms has played an incremental role in bringing platform through product-market fit and refinancing over EUR 25 Million in loans through Viventor. During Toms time as the COO, Viventor has partnered with Loan Originators from 4 countries and serviced over 3’400 investors from all over Europe. Toms has been leading Viventor product development, brand building and scaling the investor base, as well as steering the general business strategy. Prior Viventor, Toms gathered experience working for both startup companies and corporates in The Baltics He holds a BSc diploma in Business and Economics from The Stockholm School of Economics In Riga, where he discovered his passion for FinTech and better financial services for everyone.

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Will Europe's robo–advisors ever invest in marketplace loans?

AltFi Global Summit 2017 - Tuesday 7 November 2017

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