Yves-Gabriel Leboeuf


CEO & Co-Founder

Yves-Gabriel founded his first startup in e-commerce at age 17. Since then, he has successfully launched his fair share of online businesses. He has since then moved his entrepreneurial focus to fintech. Before launching Flinks, Yves has successfully spearheaded the development of custom products dedicated to online lenders such as an automated decisioning platform based on financial transactions, and online identity verification tools to prevent fraud and improve the quality of underwriting. Identifying the need for a Canadian-dedicated financial data API, he founded Flinks in 2016 with a single goal: being the leader in financial data on Canadian market. Yves has managed to get contracts from Canada’s top20 financial software companies in only a few months of commercialization.

Event Sessions Featuring Yves-Gabriel Leboeuf


Open Banking in Canada: considerations and opportunities

AltFi Toronto Summit 2018 - Wednesday 5 December 2018

  • Eberhard said the direction of travel is simple; consumers should have greater ownership over their data.

  • Poddar said Canadian regulators have to play an active role in implementing Open Banking in Canada otherwise it will be slow to happen.

  • Jiwan believes the other missing piece of the puzzle is clarity on guiding principles of a Canadian Open Banking regime from the regulator. Something that is currently missing.

  • Leboeuf said financial institutions are worried about losing connections with consumers which is offering lots of opportunities for first movers.