AltFi Powerlist 50


The AltFi Powerlist 50 shines a light on the 50 most influential European movers and shakers across five categories in fintech and alternative finance.

Ranked and calculated according to AltFi's bespoke 'Powerlist Score' methodology*, these 50 stars are leading the industry with regards to their social reach, financial firepower, and the number of customers and staff they are responsible for..

The six categories covered by the AltFi Powerlist 50 are:

  • Digital banking
  • Alternative lending
  • Investors
  • Payments
  • Regulators
  • Savings & Investments

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*Notes on methodology

Ranking influence is no small feat, our team at AltFi painstakingly crafted a 'Powerlist Score' for each industry player in our universe of coverage. The score is a combination of four factors (social media followings, assets under management, customer and staff numbers) then ranked against other individuals from their industry. No methodology is perfect, and no doubt ours too has its flaws. We welcome feedback at