Alternative Lending State of the Market Report 2020

Alternative Lending

AltFi’s Alternative Lending State of the Market Annual Report is the most comprehensive overview of the alternative lending landscape in 2020.

Published: Tuesday 6 October 2020

This year our landmark report examines the UK’s flourishing alternative lending market, now worth a record £6.26bn, it explores the wider story of continental Europe, where the market doubled in the last 12 months to over €6.6bn.

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Section 1: Alternative Lending In The UK

Political shockwaves and regulatory uncertainty slowed UK lending in 2019, but not enough to stop the market reaching new heights. 

Section 2: Key Themes In Europe

Watch out, cross-border European lenders are growing at-pace, threatening to dethrone the UK leaders. 

Section 3: Covid-19 And Alternative Lending’s Future

From liquidity challenges to government intervention: will this unprecedented lending environment become the new normal? 

Section 7: A View From Alternative Lending Investors

Power is shifting from platforms to investors as lending becomes ever-more reliant on institutional capital. 

Section 13: Platform Survey

Our survey of European lending platforms measures attitudes and optimism on Covid-19 and the year ahead.

And much, much more...

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