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How to optimize account creation and build long-lasting customer relationships

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In today’s digital-only economy, online service providers have unprecedented opportunities to drive innovation and customer experiences that build more personal, meaningful and profitable customer relationships.

To understand online consumer preferences, Trulioo commissioned independent research among UK and U.S. consumers. Within the sample size, 73% of respondents had created a financial services account in the past two years.

The Consumer Account Opening Report details an optimal account creation process as seen through the eyes of today’s consumer.

This report offers an up-to-date view of consumer behaviors and expectations that can help optimize your onboarding process. It also examines attitudes to online security steps and highlights frustrations around account creation. 

Those brands that can deliver compelling digital experiences while seamlessly protecting their customers against fraud and identity theft will thrive in the 2020s and beyond.

Download this report to learn about:

  • Consumer sentiments towards security and speed during the onboarding process

  • The top reasons why people will abandon account opening

  • The type of information customers are willing to share for added assurance

  • Which industries consumers think offer good onboarding experiences — and which don’t

Download the report for invaluable insights to creating an onboarding experience that starts customer relationships on the right foot